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We make innovative and no-nonsense outdoor gear for your fishing, boating and hunting adventures. All our products are made to the highest quality standards and materials - ensuring the products you buy will serve you well for many years.


The Original Fish Pack™

The Original Fish Pack

When the fishing is good far away from your truck or down steep trails the question most fishermen ask is: How do I pack the fish out? We know all too well of the challenges this presents. That's why we've come up with the innovative Fish Pack. The pack has three reinforced attachment points on the inside of the pack, allowing you to carry up to three fish, or balance the pack by placing one fish in the center.
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Dropin-out Anchor Rope Bag™

Dropin-out Anchor Rope Bag

The Chinook Outdoor Gear Dropin'-Out Anchor Rope Bag is a high quality durable bag made specifically for fishing on Northwest rivers for the largest of Northwest fish. Whether you are fishing for oversized sturgeon, salmon or steelhead. The Dropin'-Out Anchor Rope bag allows you to quickly drop your anchor rope to float out with the fish.
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C.O.G. Clam Bags

C.O.G Clam Bags

Clamming, great family fun! Our clam bags are made to make it easy to put clams in and pull them out for counting...even for the kids.
 Available in fun bright colors!
The attached shoulder/waist belt is adjustable from 18 to 47 inches.
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